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We are an online study group focused on learning Scala from beginner to advanced levels.

This Wiki centralizes links to resources for this Scala study group.

The Scala Developers discussion group is an active forum containing annoucements and postings.

We use this Google Spreadsheet to organize into circles.

We maintain code examples in


If you are like us, you are already sold on the richness of the Scala language, and you are itching to use Scala professionally.

There is a problem, however! Scala is a large language and its ecosystem is proliferating quickly. So becoming a Scala professional entails a non-trivial investment. 

As an online developer community, we are committed to making the Scala continuing study experience more fun, more satisfying, and more efficient, by making it easy for members to study together through shared video-conferencing sessions. We have found that working together in video-conferences is a highly effective method of learning and a valuable addition to the already rich online resources and physical meetups for Scala.
No matter where you are located geographically, you’ll be able to hook up with dedicated cohorts with similar Scala background and interests to schedule shared study sessions.
Study sessions typically occur in regularly occurring conferences (Hangouts). But we will also promote ad-hoc study sessions devoted to a specific topic of interest.

Study circles are formed informally by communicating through the mailing list. In order to find compatible fellow students, post your interest in forming or joining a circle, and indicate your current level of Scala knowledge, and your availability (in hours per week) for online study sessions and off-line preparatory work. 

See the group charter for more details about the group.

This group was organized in December 2012 by Azad Bolour, David Vydra, Eric Biesterfeld, and Jeff Miller.

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  1. Anonymous

  2. Anonymous

    How do I sign up?


  3. Anonymous

    How do I get started? Where/when/how do we meet?

  4. We will organize into circles via the Google Group posted above.

  5. Anonymous

    How can I sign up? 

    1. To sign up - go to the mailing list and request to be added - let us know a little about your Scala background. Then go to the spreadsheet linked to in this page, and add your name. Include your Scala level, and add "interested" to the columns of the circles you are interested in. The circle organizers will then pick it from there and invite you to join, at which time you can confirm your membership in one of the circles.


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